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2 High School Best Friends Giving Their Twisted And Sometimes Funny Opinion On Life, Sex ,And Relationships. With A Hint Of Current Events

Dating And Marrying Someone Whos Family Doesn't Approve Has been Going On For A Long Time. On This Episode, We Discuss How We Would Deal With It And If Its Worth The Hassle Of Trying To Make your Family See Otherwise.

We All Have Things That Irritate Us About The Opposite Sex. We Discuss Some Of The Things That Grinds Our Gears With Men And Women.

Interesting Story We Read On Facebook And Decided To Talk About It. Chime In And Let Us Know What You Think On IG: toodirtymindspodcast

Found An Interesting Video N Decided We'd Talk About It. Love Or Money? Or Is It Essentially For The Love Of Money

The Worldwide Phenomenon Known As OnlyFans Has Taken Over The Internet As The Go To Pay To Unlock For Content. Now Alot Of People May Think This Site Is Only for Porn Creators/Camgirls, But This Is One Of The Biggest Misconceptions On This Site.  

We Help Jersey With A Dilemma...

We're Discussing Beliefs Today And If You Believe In Monogamy? The Concept Of One Man And One Woman United As One. Although, Some Of Us Have Been Hurt and Some Don't Even Like That Society Gives Us Some Type Of Rules To Follow When It Comes To Relationships.

We Have A Special Guest On Todays Show. She's A Domestic And Gun Violence Survior And Also Happens To Be An Amputee. LS Wilson Aka Amputee Beauty Joins Our Show to Discuss Dating Life After Becoming An Amputee

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Disclaimer: I Know All Of Our Listeners Come From Different Racial Backgrounds And Do Not Share The Same Sentiment Or Issues As Us, But We Want To Take The Time Out To Thank You For Listening To Us. If You Feel As If This Episode May Offend You, Rubs You The Wrong Way, Or  You Feel The Need To Unfollow/Unsubscribe You Have The Right To Do So. This Is A Very Sensitive Subject And Some Of The Language May Not Be Appropriate For Some, But These Injustices And Disservices To Our People Must Stop. Racism Needs To End Like Yesterday. 

Sorry For The Hiatus, But We're back #DirtyMindsNation. We're Trying To Get Back Into The Swing Of Things With The Whole(C-Word) Messing Everything Up. This Weeks Episode We're Talking About The Rules And Regulations Of A Relationship.

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